idk where this thread should go i just picked the best one i thought it suited

Well i just bought some Ernie Ball skinny tops heavy bottoms
and when i put them on and i tuned my guitar up
i tried to bend on like the 22nd fret and it made a popping sound
is it my guitar
the strings
or me?

it was prolly just your tuning peg tightening, like when you wrapped your string around the tuning peg, there could have been an overlap that was just settling out.. i wouldn't worry about it.. it could have also been the string slipping in the nut a little bit.
Has it happened more than Once? The same thing happened to me but I used a whammy bar. I found out later it did that because the tension between the strings and springs weren't equal. Maybe It could be a bad fret or bending to far. If it was just once don't worry about it.
well this is the second time it's happened
and i had recently had DR's on they're
so i switched to Ernie Ball's