i cant go used because i have a $700 gift certificate for my local music shop

Which amp should i get

Peavey valve king head and cab < never heard does anybody have a youtube clip on it

Line 6 Valve 212 < i like some sounds i get out of this

or any suggestions thanks

price range is between $700-950

i play to stuff like MEtallica, the beatles ,to the starting line, the who, EVH, ACDC, J.H., rush.

EditL i want to funnel amps down , so i not in the music shopfor a year ; )
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I'd say just try out whatever is around and see what YOU like the best man.
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I wouldnt recommend getting a tubed half stack, you wont get the overdriven tube sound that they are famous for
both amps seem good

i hate to say it, i have never been fond of Line6 amps but the addition of bogner work into the amps and input of valves did nail me some pretty decent tones in store, so Im personally leaning towards the Line6

The valveking however is a very good amp too, the guitarist from my band was going to get one, the distortion and clarity as well as clean channel sound is great for its price range
IS the line 6 valve 212 loud , i pretty sure 40watts is like 150 watts solid state am not sure though
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all i have to say is you are one lucky bastard for being given a 700$ gift certificate

actually i returned a PA system and they could only give me store credit ; I love alex lifeson too
maybe a fender hot rod
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this is like comparing a flushing toilet to a hole in the ground