Title says it all.

I'm getting severly po'd. This is the 5th time in about 30 days one of my strings has broken. Time to break out the dadarrio strings. First off what kind are recommended and second how much do they go for.

Btw checked for all the typical problems. I don't strum too hard and my guitar is tuned ok.
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you might want to take your guitar with you and have them look at the saddles. there might be some burs on them.
D'Addario 10-46, like $6

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i bought d'addario strings when i got my new guitar
went home
snapped the high e on the guitar
put the d'addario strings on
snapped the high e again
went to the store to buy some singles
snapped the high e again

so in conclusion, i brought the guitar to the store and had them buff it (the saddle)
and now its perfectly fine

so yeah, it'll be a good choice to tell ur local shop to buff it up for ya
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Very, VERY, helpful site!! Free, too.