Yeah so someone was throwing out a Traynor YSC-7A (200watt PA speakers) and so i grabbed it. Free. Awesome.

So I'm just wondering how to play music through these. Sounds like a dumb question but what equipment do i need?

Right now, the only way I can run music through it is by plugging my ipod into a head input then speaker cable from head to PA speakers. But this puts out bad quality.

What can I buy to replace the head, that would power the speakers?
Because obviously, I can't just plug my iPod into them.

forgot to add that the jack on the speakers is speaker jack (eg. the same as a patch cord)

so yeah
What can replace the head to power the speakers?
Little bit off topic, what does PA stands for?
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Little bit off topic, what does PA stands for?

PA System = Public Announcement system