Ok i don't really bring in the bucks like other people do but i'm just looking for a bass to mess around with........ would this be decent or is it complete crap?


should i save and pay double and get a squier kit or would this work? if i got serious i would buy something much better down the road but would this be good enough to get me started or is it absolutely horrible?
I emailed Kurt about the bass with that package, and it is worse than the SX 62's and 75's in terms of electronics and such. IMO, get a 62.
i think i'm going to get it just to try it.......i play guitar too but i want to learn a 2nd instrument, i was thinking mandolin just for fun but if i can get a bass kit for the same price....... imo bass is much cooler than mandolin haha
it looks like a good starting point and besides if you get serius about bass you could buy a better instrument
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