ok i bought a line 6 spider 3 a few months ago and i need a bit of help from anyone who is familiar with them.so here are a few tones i am trying to get.

White stripes

my chemical romance



if anyone could give me some suggestions i would greatly appreciate it.
The best advice I can offer is sell your amp and get something else. Spiders are not that great. Check out some low watt tube amps.
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if i were you i would just delete this thread! really u'll thank me,
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yea i wasnt too pimpressed by that spiders or even that new modeling amp they have with actuall tubes in it. I got a Epiphone Valve Standard combo used for like 200 bucks and a 39 dollar boss supper overdrive pedal and it impresses me far more than the line 6 stuff.
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hahahah pimpressed ^^^^ yeah, spiders are not that great. tubes all the way.
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Good tone and spider amp dont really go in the same sentence. Your not going to get an exact match for these tones with your amp.