I was wondering if anybody has changed a nut themselves. I would like to change the one on my LP to bone or graphite. I was wondering if they are glued in, or if I need a special puller. I do all my own guitar stuff, I would rather learn how then pay someone to do it.

Any tips you can give me. I will try to do some more research, then I might try it first with my squire.

yes they are glued in, to remove yours, you will need a thick blunt object (i use a radius block), and a razor blade. they are glued in. you cut around the nut with the razor blade (RIGHT up against it) to cut it from your guitar-finish, if you knock it off without doing so, it will rip your finish off. measure the nut, order a graphite one. i drop a little bit of titebond II on it, then put strings on it to clamp it. dont use superglue, getting it next time around will be a total ****-bash.

I'm sorry but I have a few questions if you don't mind.

Does it sit in a groove?
Is it glued down to the neck or against the top of the fretboard?
Do you tap it up towards the headstock or out the side.
I have heard about adjusting them for string height after installed. Are they adjusted properly when you buy it? If not can you cut into a bone nut to adjust it?

Thanks again and sorry for the questions, but I appreciate the help.
When taking it off, if you heat it with a hair dryer first it helps weaken the glue.
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I highly suggest practicing on a less expensive guitar that you aren't attached to as swapping nuts is not easy and a quick way to ruin an otherwise nice playing guitar.
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Thanks for the info.

I will give it a shot, if I mess it up, o well I'll get it fixed or buy a new neck. This is not a expensive guitar. I just don't like anyone doing anything to my guitars but me. If it's just a matter of glue, I am pretty confident I can handle it. I am good with my hands.

Thanks guys, I will order it this week. I will let you know how I made out.