I am noticing some scratch's on the the fret board..any way to do a quick fix?

also how do you know if your guitar neck is bow or not? and what about action?

thirdly? - anyone ever scratch the fretboard with their nails while playing?

Metal is harder than wood. Fret board scratches are a fact of life. Unless is was caused by something other than the strings no reason to fix.

Check the bow of the neck by sighting down if from the head supporting only the body. If should be straight or slightly relieved away from the strings.
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rosewood has "scratches" all along the fretboard. theyre actually pores. maple shouldnt have any. ebony might if it's dry. i have a dent on the third fret of my strat cuz i was playing with long nails damn!!!
use dunlop 65 fretboard conditioner or just lemon oil or ernie ball wipes to relieve fb dryness.
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