im trying to prep my les paul guitar body and i need to remove the electronics from it. is there a website or can someone tell me how to remove them safely? thanks
preparing to do what to it? repaint it?
you just need to unsolder the main joints from your pickups and the volume pots and from the bridge connection, as well as the output jack.
If you want step by step...
remove the four knobs (vol, tone), then unscrew the washers holding the pots to the body. Unscrew the backplate and the pots should be easy to slip out. Same process for the 3 way switch. Then, unsolder at will.

Edit: I know this is a crude answer, but I know someone with more skills can answer some of the detailed questions.
But also, for the pickups, if you are going to remove them, be aware that there are springs under the two screws holding each pickup to the pickup ring. You don't want to lose those. When I first did this, I didn't know they were still in the pickup cavity and I never saw them again...
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In addition to the above:
1. Buy a $12 soldering kit from RadioShack. Practice soldering and de-soldering for an hour and you 'll do fine.
2. Take pics and notes when you dis-assemble stuff. These will be handy later.
3. Place everything in containers. You don't want to lose/misplace the tiny bits.

Go for it. Opposable thumbs and a bit of patience are the only requirements.