Hey guys so i need some help with my head unit and the amp i want to put in my car. I have an amp and sub that i want to install myself in the car. I have a sony head unit and it has according to the sony website front rear and sub preouts. So how do i wire this? Where do i plug the amp into the head unit and where do i plug the sub into the head unit? I think i know how to wire the power to the amp that is kinda easy i just dont know where to plug every thing in. Any help would be great thanks guys!!!

oh here is the link to the head unit i have. http://www.xplodsony.com/xplod/headunits/CDX-GT520
well, if your amp is for the sub (which i'm assuming it is) you'll actually plug your "sub" pre-out to the amp, then your amp to your sub. Here are a few pdf's that should make things really clear for ya.


i do all my learning on Crutchfield, i love that site. if you need help, just ask. good luck!
If you seem this unsure about things, have a buddy who knows what they are doing hook it up for you. It's not worth frying your car.
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its not that im that unsure about it i just dont know exactly where to plug ever thing in. thanks for the help guys!