that picture is scary (no offense) :d

I the vocals get too loud and boomy, mayble lower them a bit (or use come compression or a limiter or something) its pretty muddy recording also, but thats not really important i guess. I dont like it when you do the whiny thing, you sound ridiculously drunk, but the instrumental is pretty catchy.

ack, i sound like a jerk

i was trying to be honest though

I like the solo but its also too loud.

you can check my crummy music in my profile.
ack, i sound like a jerk

I think you are a little to critical, his voice isn't great but the song as a whole is not nearly as bad as you make it out to be.


The guitar part at 2:22 was excellent, I think it would sound better with an overdriven electric guitar although the acoustic works just fine. Generally speaking the guitar playing was great. And yes your voice isn't great, but since your already aware of that nothing more needs to be said.

Definitely some potential there, keep at it.