I have an idea for a song, but I really have no idea how to decide what key it should be in, any pointers for such things?
Definatly go with the Key of...................................... G just for ****s and giggles
What key the song in really isn't important, and many songs change keys as it goes along so you don't have to plan the song in just one key, in fact I find it boring when it stays in one key but thats just my opinion. But there are some things to take into consideration when deciding on what key to use:

-How you form the guitar part (This can be where you want your "riffs" or whatever to be centrally located on the guitar and gives you room to move up or down the neck)
-If you are singing, your vocal range(Try singing the melody in different keys till you find one where you can reach all the notes)
-Tuning on your instrument(On guitar if your in like drop d or something, that can affect what key you pick)

Things like that are good to take into consideration when picking what key your in but it doesnt always make that big of a difference.
Play your riff, write it down, analyze the notes to determine key. I can help with that third step.

You don't pick a key and then write a riff. You write a riff and then figure out the key.
Ah and there it is, okay thank you all very much, tis greatly appreciated.
I will be getting back to you.
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It depends. Is your song going to be happy or sad?

This has absolutely nothing to do with keys and the selection of a key.

It all depends on what notes are contained in your song and where the tonal center is.
Okay, first 3 chords are:
G-B-F-A#-D, G-D-F-C, F-A#-F.....and there are a lot notes which seem to lean towards Am.
Edit: It seems apparent that it is Fmajor then?
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