I have a guitar that i won in 1987 from a national magazine here in Australia. It is a Fernandes 'Steve Lukather' (Toto) model with gold pickguard and fittings. It has never been used professionaly and has been cased most of this time. I can find no info on this guitar on the internet (only Japanese sites and their translations leave alot to be desired).
I was wondering if there would be any interest in this model from any one. Someone may appreciate it more than I. and where would be a good place to find it's value?
Any comments appreciated.

Surely there is a better website than ebay, something more specific for guitars and guitarists. I want to find it's real value before i throw it on ebay!
Its been a while for this thread, ithought there would be more interest in this guitar. I am obviously wrong and this guitar is not too popular. Please advise
Maybe you should post it on a different forum , try electric guitar or something.
Thanks dude, I currently run it through a Roland Cube 60 and it sound awesome. Best amps ever!