Basically, my band's album is fully recorded. The only thing left right now is packaging it in time for this Saturday's launch.

Then I realized that I have no idea what to do for the CD itself.

I mean, for our first album, all we did was burn the songs onto the standard CD-Rs and stick white CD stickers on to the face of the CD to block out the 'CD-R', '700MB' etc wordings. Then we wrote our band and album name over the sticker. It looked pretty bad.

So any ideas on what we can do this time round? Stick with the same thing we did for the 1st album? Get proper CD stickers done (I'm told they'll cost about the same price as we're selling the album, so this is probably out of question)?
I don't know how many your doing, but lightscribe might be an option. you can also get printable disks and for a not too huge price be able to give them to some company with one of those printing machines. I'm not sure who would do taht for you in your area though.
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Doing 30 in advance first, will use the money from that to continue. Projected sales of a couple of hundred, so it isn't really a huge sales thing.

How exactly does Lightscribe work?

Edit: Don't think I'll use that, you need Lightscribe CDs for those, right?
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if you have lightscribe on a computer you can burn a disc, flip it over, and your design and/or words are etched in by a laser. It's not colour though, it's kind of like shading. And it can take a decent amount of time to do each disk (based on how much it needs to carve). Which is why I asked how many.

just fyi, www.lightscribe.com

Edit: Apparently you do. huh. well. shows what I know. I just used printable disks and got those done anyways. it should only cost you a dollar or 2 a disk.
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yeah, he gave me pi.
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Just make a stecil of your Band's logo

Then just spray paint the top of the CDs or buy a pack of CDs with designs
on top of them already . Then spray paint your band's logo top.
1. Put the CD in a portable CD player
2. Stick something in the hole that tells the player the lid is closed. (headphone jack)
3. Hit play. The CD should spin and play.
4. Grab a permanent marker (or 3) and touch it LIGHTLY to the top of the spinning CD
5. Move the marker back and forth, from the center of the disc to the edge, vice versa
6. Repeat, with other colors


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Plus you need a special Lightscribe-enabled disc or something. Was wondering how my hard disc had a laser. Hmm.


Any other ideas what I can do?

BTW I posted a parallel thread in the Pit, so I'm using the suggestion of a free shout-out on the exclusive album site with each purchase.