Mm, my new song. Done in just a day ... oh except for half the tapping part.

Please crit and tell me what I could better myself at.

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It's catchy stuff. All by itself though, it seems incomplete. Needs vocals, yes?

Like I said, though, it's catchy, and it has potential as a full song.
I love your tone and your riffs. The only thing that you could work on is levelling the volumes of your guitar (or maybe the volume differences were voluntary). Good work. Crit my stuff? (the link is in my sig - I haven't recorded anything in months though)
Thanks guys... The volume gets high like that when I copy paste a riff from one guitar onto another... In the future I will create another track and turn the volume down on it when doing that. EDIT: The part with the zapper effects is meant to be low volume and then high volume though. Forgot about that.

And... I don't do vocals and I can't find a frikkin band ANYWHERE. It's driving me ??!!INSAESENSEJN!!??

Crit coming your way guys

Malakian - Don't really know what to say about your acoustic stuff O.o I like your ideas but they seem to come in randomly... Stop Talking Start Walking could've been recorded better but I understand that... I think it sounds great. Very original ideas. Unlike mine kinda

Airman Kai - I think your stuff is great It's too bad all I hear on the radio is like... Watered down versions of this. I dunno not watered down but just not as good lol.
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Thanks for critting my song, dude.

I've just listened to your song and I thought it was pretty good.
Sometimes I felt that the drums were a bit out of time, but I like how you chose not to blast beat the whole time.
Also your playing wasn't perfect but that is corrected easily with some practice.
I liked the riffs overall and the effects around 2:00 are kinda fun.
But the tapping bit at 2:41 is out of tune?

Good job, but try the recording a bit better.
But with some polishing and vocals this could be a good song!
i loved the part around 1:00. im a sucker for parts like that hahaha. drums were a little weird though. what did you use?
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When you crank up the gain to 10 and switch to the lead channel, it actually sounds like you are unjustifiably bombing an innocent foreign land.

τλε τρπ βπστλεπλσσδ
The drums are just odd. I get the idea... but they seem like they were off time for the whole song. I'm guessing you added them afterward or something?

The riffs are killer.... nice job. I like your tones as well. Work on the drums and the mix, this will be a kickass song.

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