Would this amp be good for AC/DC type rock, harmonics of all kinds, shredding, heavy metal, iron maiden type metal, blues, cleans?

Thats basically what I need
Apart from shredding.. pretty much (along with an overdrive to tighten the crunch for the heavier stuff) Atleast acceptable to my ear, but then again I've not played the combo and run the head through a marshall cab so it'll sound a bit different.
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i have sound clips on my profile of a few different styles. it can do heavy stuff but it won't be dark sounding like american voiced amps which is what makes heavy heavy metal sound as intense as it does usually. also for shredding it all depends on what 'kind' of shredding. i mean if ur shredding has to be doused in a gain frenzy in order to cover up small mistakes, remember that tube amps will be more honest than SS. if you make a mistake a tube amp will definitely let you know.

point is, if you're doing modern type shredding and heavy death metal primarily, this amp isn't the best for it. that should be obvious. it's like a mini marshall. for everything else i think it sounds fantastic.
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