I've noticed lately that there haven't been any ads at the top of the screen anymore. Does anybody else have them? Maybe it is just my computer or something.
WOW i dont have any
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inb4: Your comps ****ed get a new one etc....

srsly though nup, no adds.
i have one

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i've never noticed, i use IE with IE Pro that blocks most ads / flash boxes so i dont see very many at all...
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I use ABP with firefox...haven't seen an ad in quite a while.

They're seriously gone with no adblock? Weird...
Nope, no sig here.
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mine are still here
and i use adblock with modzilla

yeah but you have a cool avatar so your good....
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Everyone knows that the day the Metallica ends, the world ends.
Well I don't know if it's some kind of ad blocker I have or if nobody wants to advertize there. I just have a black box at the top of the screen. I don't see why nobody would though, right now there is like 330 people on the forums. That's why I thought it was weird.
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yeah but you have a cool avatar so your good....

the first and probably last person to say that

so thanks
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I managed to block the website that does the advertising while that ****ing mosquito ad was there a few years ago, because it was driving me away from the site. As soon as that issue was sorted though, i unblocked the advertising site, but i still get no ads which is a bit odd.

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it's gone but there is still like a black gap where it should be, maybe i could pay to have a little dedication to myself in there
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I haven't seen any ads in months...
I get none.
But I'v also noticed they now advertise band merch at the bottom of news articles. Maybe UG is gaining more money this way without making it look like they are slowly saturating the site with ads.
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