After playing for 2-3 hours, my shoulder will start to get tired and feel heavy and make for some sloppy picking. I have long arms so I need to bend my arm a little bit backward. My shoulder ends up supporting the weight of my arm because i loosen my arm up. After 2-3 hours it gets hard to hold my arm in the same position that aligns the pick with the strings.

When Im standing, my arm can just hand from the side and it feels more comfortable in that way.

Should I just practice standing up frpm now on
The solution to your problem is to not play for 2-3 hours straight unless you can.

Play for as long as you can and stop as soon as you get tired and sloppy, you won't improve if you try to continue past that.
And if for some reason you have to play that long, though I don't see why, consider one of those double shoulder ergonomic straps. Or at least a wider regular one for better weight distribution.


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Its just depressing to see these 12 year old kids on youtube who can just rip the guitar and i started at 20 and i've been playing for 2 years now, I still suck.....

its really hard to stick to something when progress is so slow....
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OR be sick and switch to lefty when this happens