its called: "Get Out of My Yard" from the same titled album. you'll find tab on UG for sure.
i suck but THATS OK!
........... Because Your Good Enough
,,,,,,,,,,, Your Smart Enough
,,,,,,,,,,, And Dog Gone It People Like You.
Actually I Was Talkin To Habbit Boy Over There.......
Paul Gilbert Smokes Columbian Gold Monkey A Ss
Rule On Hard One!
Btw Sometimes I Suck Too. Fer Reals I Mean, Technically I Always Suck But Usually Manage To Make The Thing Sound Ok But Sometime I Just Outright Suck!
I Pretty Much Know About Three Chords And A Billion Ways To Fcuk Them Up... Lol
Sometimes You Get Lucky And Sometimes You Dont. I Never Get Sex So Music Is About As Close To Sex As I Get And Its Pretty Much Up To Me. I Guess. I Donno. Hopefully My Guitar Is Complete S L U T N H O ...... I Got Several Instruments So I Gotta Feel Like Whackin It With One Of Em Most Of The Time. Im A Wuss Too... Been Tryin To Take Music More Seriously Lately. So If I Play A Lot A Fcuked Up Chords An S H I T Then My So Called Lead Material Or Whatever Makes My Hands Feel Weak As S H I T. Im Just Weak All Around. And If You Ask Me Why I Write So Much Its Cause Im Banned From Chat And I Have Absolutely No Life. Its 8 Am And Ive Already Played Enough Guitar To Make My Left Hand Hurt And Weak. And Believe Me It Wasnt That Much Guitar Either.
Ok Your Turn.. Lol