Well I can't decide whether to get an Agile AL-2000 or 3000 and well it hit me.

I really enjoy the Frusciante sound and I've lately been thinking of wiring my pickups/humbuckers out of phase...

I heard the 2000 humbuckers arent the greatest...chances are I will probably like them (i have only been playing for 2 yrs I think) but I figure, if I dont, i can just mess with them a little.

How hard is it to wire Humbuckers out of phase, is it an easy mod?? On les pauls, can you expose the wiring by taking off those back cover plates?
It's not going to make any difference with regards to getting the Frusciante sound seeing as he uses a Strat.
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sometimes he uses a les paul.

Regardless, I like the out of phase sound thats why I am thinking about this...