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dont sweat how quick your progressing, i heard that Jimi hendrix didnt get his legendary guitar skills until he was dead

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It's our choice chilling lager.

When me and my mates just want to sit down and chill with some beers and a bit of grade, it's always red stripe or those 2 litre bottles of beer.
Ingenious ads for a gorgeous Beer!
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Red Stripe.

It's beer! Hooraaaaaaay, beer!
Gunpowder: FUCKING ROCKS!!!
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[witty set-up]
Gunpowder FUCKING ROCKS!!!!!

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Gunpowder you fucking rock!!

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Now I can say, with sufficient certainly, that you, Gunpowder...

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You are the best writer ever Graybass. Sig me for that. But i love you! You should make a book!

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Jesus christ, your avatar is the best I have seen in my life.

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Graybass_20x6 has a better avatar than you
Haha, one of my best friends is Jamaican and we drink red stripe.

He always prank calls people and says "RED STRIPE HOORAY BEER! You have won a trip to jamaica mon"

and goes into all these details talking really fast in a Jamaican accent and people have no idea wtf hes saying.
Red stripe is probably one of my top 5 beers.

We don't get the commercials here but I see them on the inter nets.