PLz crit my Fist posted original song...
And sorry For my English pronunciation=)

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War Is Over
(If You Want It)


Accordion Muse S 384-K
Not that good to be honest. The trumpet sound on the synth was horrible, get rid of it! The vocals were not that good, too shy. The song in general was VERY cheesy. The guitar playing was also very uncreative (I know that Power Metal isn't the most creative music, but you can do more with the guitar). Anyways, this is your first original song (or posted at least), so I can't say nothing but nice try.
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do the trumpet bit on guitar...
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Sounds great. Bass and drums were obviously programmed, but very well done. The guitars could have been brought up in the mix. and yes, it may be cheezy, but that's what power metal is! I think the trumpet sound could have replaced with with a synth (think Jordan Rudess's solo's). Overall a good song. just needs a bit of imrpovement in the production.

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