I think Magero might have posted these lyrics up before; however, seeing as I wrote them, I might as well see what you lot think of them. This is the first song in a five part concept piece called Insidious Epiphanies; the whole piece tells a story of a man who kills his wife and is plagued by her ghost until his suicide. Exorbitantly cliche, I know, but sometimes this cannot be helped.

The style is symphonic melodeath, with elements of black metal in the vocals.

Strange Times (Twist to Romance)

Let me spin a tale for you,
Let pen unto parchment glide,
Alit our darkest hours,
For to this tale, there are two sides ...

First, our weary harper,
Just a wraith hath done no wrong;
Second our marble maiden,
Twist and turn, from weak to strong ...

What story need start with beauty,
What song need break a heart?
What dirge need break with sanity,
Why damn the Beast to mark?

The forests seem so silent now,
Where once they sparkled life;
The mountains seem an effigy,
Like ... a mind, put to the knife.

Once dark, once light,
Now black once more,
I walk within the 'why?'

Once dark, once light,
Still I don't know how
But she lit up the sky.