i have a epiphone les paul

on the 14th fret, there is a buzz on A & D string!

anyone else had this?
I've tried raising the bridge a little to see if it buzzes less.. will try a few more counter-clockwise turns..

maybe some lighter gauge strings, is worth a purchase.

good old google.

electric - epiphone les paul + MicroCube
acoustic - Seagull s6
raise the action a little bit if that dosent help check if your neck is bowed too much. there are a lot of good set-up threads in UG, and youtube has a video of whatever you need to have done, but if you have an experienced friend have them check it with you and show you what to do.

hope that helps friend. this is a very common and very fixable problem
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lighter gauge wil cause more buzz.

before you turn the rod and snap something. make sure you are measuring the necks relief.

fet the low E first fret. at the same time,
fret the low E at the last fret, where the neck and body meet.

with both places held, look at the middle frets. 7-9th

if the string lays on the fretwire there, you dont have enough bend.

if the string is more than a credit cards thickness up from the fret wire there,
you have too much.

measure and repost.

keep in mind this might just be a high, crooked, or dented fret.

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