For anyone who owns a Vox AC30 CC2 (made in China), how is it?
Im thinking about buying one but all the mixed reviews are killing me,
is it worth buying? Has the gotten worse? Problems with circuit/tubes? And any other info I should know, please tell. Also is the Vox AC30 Topboost made in UK?
To be fair most of the bad reviews ive read about it are VOX users who are comparing it to the orginal British made ones and such...

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To be fair most of the bad reviews ive read about it are VOX users who are comparing it to the orginal British made ones and such...

Actually, most reviews describe it very favorably to the British made models. Many calling it the best AC30 since the originals. People trying to sell the more recent British made models may try to draw some unfavorable comparison, but they have a horse in the race.

I have an AC30CC1, and love it to death. There were some reliability issues with the first runs, but they seem to've been all ironed out. I had a tech go over mine when I swapped out the speaker and tubes, and he was very impressed with the build quality. His usual service is to go over all the solder joints, and he couldn't find any that needed going over. He was surprised to find ceramic tube sockets in there, as even higher end amp companies have gotten away from them.

Korg builds them in China to keep the cost of a high end amp at reasonable levels. I think they've done an outstanding job. I wholeheartedly recommend the amp.
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I would make sure you try it out before you buy it. I played through one that sounded terrible but I thought there might have been something wrong with it, so I asked to try a different one and it sounded fantastic.
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I have the AC30cc2 and it is really awesome. the cleans are really cleans, and the overdrive can get pretty good without an overdrive pedal. I would say if you are into rock, from the softer to mid harder, then go for it. if you are into very hard rock to metal, then I have no experience; people say that you can hit the metal range with an overdrive pedal, and that you can just use a distortion pedal for that much gain...but the amp itself wasnt made for metal..
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Just like everyting else, people bash new things when they come out. And people who own older items find it in there best interest to bash newer ones in order to make theirs seem better. The truth is, the newer ones are fine. By far, the most common complaint is the stock tubes (which are the easiest thing to replace). I haven't heard of any circuit issues. If there were/are circuit issue's then they should fire their electrical engineer. Also, remember that theirs a HUGE difference between sub-contracting another factory to build something (BAD) and owning your own self-contained factory where the cost of living is less expensive like in china. I own an AC30cc2 and have nothing but good things to say about it and I don't have to worry about dragging a very expensive '64 topboost AC30 around.