:P nah, if there is I never notice it.
Most racism I see is actually directed towards white people.
But I live in Southern California.
So that may change things a bit.
I <3 Drugs.

The universe works on a math equation-
That never even ever really ends in the end-
Infinity spirals out creation.

A lot.

This is Larry The If you click him, he will give you magic powers.

If you are not willing to die for the perfect s'more, Then you don't deserve a s'more at all.
There is quite alot from White Aussie's
The object of war isn't to die for your country it's to make the other bastard die for his.

New amp fund $51.53/$7000

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If I'm in love, I use chloroform.

I know, I'm such an old-fashioned romantic.
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I would say the searchbar is more hated.

It would appear so sometimes. And over here [UK] there is a lot from ignorant dickweeds.
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If I had sex as much as you said the word "shit" I would be paris hilton.

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I have never felt closer to either cheese or weasels

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Only from a select few close-minded dickheads.
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I know i wish i was as cool as you and be into Sum 41 and Taking back Sunday. Gaylord.

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you should call one of the songs, "Respecting Old People" just to mix things up.

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You just made a very powerful enemy BenFoffenbock.
I really hate it when middle easterners are called terrorists.
I mean,the majority of terrorists are middle easterners
but the majority of middle easterners aren't terrorists.
A white person could be a terrorist.

PS: Goodbye
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The UK is riddled with racists and people whom stereotype on a whim. I hate this country...

You lay me down as I go to the store
Sorrow ate me, I'm not me anymore
Play these heavens one more time
I'm not yours and I'm not mine

When you hear music after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again.

a lot is. it frustrates me because you've got idiots going "OMG WTF muzlemz and arabz r terrarists!!1" but you don't have anyone saying the same thing about the catholics and protestants and the atrocities some have committed in (eg) ireland
Wave goodbye, everyone.

Populus vult decipi. Decipiatur.

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It's can be a contraction and genitive case.

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If you cut down on these costs students won't learn so well, effecting the "quality"...