So ive been playing for a few years now, and i have gotten fairly compitent on a guitar, so im venturing out ot buy a new one, ive practiced on an ibanez gio, strat model HSS set up with a crappy trem system, so i went out and got a Epi Les Paul and i ve played it for a week and a half, and set it up along the way and i must say i dont like the single cut away, the thick neck, and the pick up selector switch and tone and volume knobs are onthe fritz so im looking for a new guitar and the criteria is:

Must Be $450 (or less)
Must habe tem system, just non locking or floyd rose....
Must have Humbucker Set up and if possible single coil also (HH, or HSH)
Must have good fret access, its cool if its not a strat style guitar.....
Must Have a 5 way pick up selector switch,
Must have good clean channels, and disto
And if possible, but not a deciding force, comes in white...

THanks in advace
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sounds like a MIM strat is right up your alley

Or buy a used MIA. That's about the going price on eBay and much better quality.
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