I wasn't sure which forum to post this in so i'll try it here.

I have began getting slight numbness in my fingers, while playing guitar. Especially around the joints and knuckles.

I always try to warm and my fingers before i play.

Any idea's what the problem could be?

Should i leave it for a while and see if the problem dissappears or would it be worth consulting a doctor?

Thanks for your help.
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Are you holding the guitar properly?

You may be pressing down on a nerve or restricting circulation somehow.
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I think so. I have played with a similar posture for several years but this numbness has only developed recently.
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i had something like that happen to me about 9 months ago, and it was a little tiny thing i figured would go away. turns out i have chronic tendonitis now ( because i thought it would go away and i kept playing ) and haven't been able to play the guitar, the piano, bass, or type on a keyboard with my left hand for about 6-7 months. IT"S NOT WORTH IT! please please please rest your hand, have your technique evaluated by professional guitar teacher, not the crapolo-hobbyist ones you find in music shops, look for someone with his/her own guitar studio/academy. you don't want to suffer like i am, trust me. it's worth a month off and a couple trips to the doctor to avoid a chronic inflammation problem like mine!
Allright cheers for the heads up.
Ill go to the doctor and get it checked out. Allready had posture evaluated by pro and they said that my posture shouldn't be an issue.
Trust in me and fall aswell.
Could be carpal tunnel. It will make fingers numb after playing. Mine started doing it a few months ago. I wore a wrist splint at night for 6 weeks. Dont have a problem anymore.