here's a vid I found on Youtube


So these guys try to accelerate very fast.. but in the comments its said that they start very bad? But why?

Is it bad to de-clutch so fast so the bike has not its best revolutions?


In this vid I think he does it more slowly. But is that the point?

dunno about bikes.

but in cars if you slam the clutch down trying to do a sprint start you throw all the power at the wheels to quickly and you get wheelspin, which is wasting power.

you should feed the clutch in gradually, faster than usual, but still smooth and controlled.
its an aprilia..sorry but i rate then 4/10 lol ..they pull away like idiots...they will break their bike..simple.

the only thing they do wrong is own an rs125 and dont treat it with respect...which every 2 stroke needs
^^ nuff said

stick with the 600+ bikes, more fun, better respect from other people, easier to see..many 50s and 125 bikers are killed...not so much supers..
If you release the clutch too quickly on a motorbike you can have a number of problems, basically you should release the clutch slowly until you reach the 'bite mark' then you can release it fully, experience with your bike will teach you when you have reached the bite mark.

Also, the power restrictions are not just in Germany but all over Europe, it's the same thing in Scotland where I'm getting my license this summer.