I have an AD30VT and Ibanez RG570 with dimarzio breed in neck position. I've got middle turned all the way up, bass and treble set to neutral position (on middle). I use my neck pickup for soloing and even though I set the middle all the way up, I still think my tone isn't fat enough. Any suggestions for setting my EQ or amp models? I also use chorus and delay for my solo channel, and the uk modern amp model, gain is set around 70%
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How about adding some bass?
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Bass and treble are not rolled down, they are at 12' clock position, more bass muddies tone
roll back the tone on the guitar about 1/4 turn
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you need to balance the mids and bass, mids don't fatten up your tone, properly combined they gleen off some of the mud that bass give you till you're just left with a thick tone.
You could try raising your neck pickup a little to coax a bit more outputfrom it, I suppose.
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