Ok, I'm in a band that is looking to do stuff like Nine Inch Nails, but with much more synth sounds. Could anyone help me with what kind of pedals i'm going to need to compliament this sound? or give any constructive advice about how to go about creating/playing/working with this sound?

Thanks in advance
i play guitar in a industrial band also, you best bet is to either use a multi effect pedal (pod or something like it) and just experiment with different sounds, remember in more synth oriented industrial music the guitar tends to be more of a effect on the tracks then a main part of the song, phasers and flangers tend to work good depending on the style you are going for but heavy low tunings can work too (eg psyclon nine, turmion kailot) just have fun with it and you will figure it out.
All of the above info is probably the best...just make a trip to a local guitar shop that sells pedals and try out as many as you can. The only way to truely find what you're looking for is to try it yourself.