Heres a song ive been working on this week. its pretty much finished up to the arpeggio riff with the chugs under it i think its riff 7 or something. :S then there are a few bits and bobs in the file that i will integrate into the song later. but the first few sections are done. so tell me what you think.

i am happier with this song so far than i have been with any of my other stuff. its a mix of death metal and metalcore riffing with progressive elements throughout the song. i will try to have a mix of melodic stuff and heavy stuff in the rest of the song and have that single clean section, although i usually dont do clean sections.

The drums are done aswell for once and they staying how they are i dont like overly complicated or ridiculously fast drums but i think ive done a decent enough job.

Influences for this song so far are: Vital Remains, Decapitated and BTBAM although one of the riffs sounds a little Opethy :S
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good stuff so far. Some riffs definetly carry the flavor of the bands you mentioned, and I like them, so that's a plus. I also like the fact that so far everything is realistically playable and you seem to know what you're doing (no outrageous drums for example).

Riff 1 and 2 are good stuff (the decapidated-sounding 2.1 got me chuckling), and you know how to get a groove on with these breakstyle riffs (if you haven't already, you might want to listen to Born of Osiris, they do similar stuff). The only minor nitpick I could have is that there are possibly too many repetitions and all those similar breakstyle riffs go on for too long (thus it loses its impact). It might help if you spice things up and interject some of the different riffs you were gonna put in later, else it sounds like a long drawn breakdown.

Lead brought abit much appreciated variety and melody to the song, yet personally I think the execution was lacking, and the song loses its steam around these parts: riff 4 and 5 also are not very exciting. At least you bring in some other drumpattern than the halftime breakstyle that dominated the song, but the blasting is equally uninspiring.

There are, however, some good riffs in the later (I guess "yet-to-work-with") pile, proggy melodic stuff BTBAM-like or early Opeth. Take one of those and bring them in between the constant breakstyle riffs at the beginning maybe, for variety?

Cleanpart also has potential, I guess that's what you meant with "opethy" (although it also can remind me of 'nights sorrow' by Becoming the archetype).

Keep it up, I'd love to see the finished update
well the majority of these riffs will have dm style vocals over them so that will hopefully detract from the repetition of riff 2, 2.1 and 1.1. the rest i dont think a single repeat will be much of a problem.

just noticed that i labeled 2 riffs 'riff2' so 3,4,5,6 are actually 4,5,6,7

anyhoo, i just changed riffs 5 and 6 so they sound alot better now and yeah ill definitely try implement a few of the things you talked about into the song

edit: changed labels and a few of the riffs, so im happy with it up to the clean part where ive finished to.
Very nice job, I like the eerie sound of your riffs, kinda reminds me of Opeth's new Watershed album. How do you transcribe your music so well into guitar pro? Does it take a lot of practice to learn how to use?
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all sounding good. one thing however - would you think about in riffs 3 and 4 or either, having octaves in one of the guitar parts instead of them both having the chords?

counter melody section reminds me of btbam! great job!

'later riff like the start' sounds heavy as hell - love to hear this recorded.

good job man, just need to link it all together now - could make this into a bit of an epic!

EDIT - i wrote the btbam comment before seeing that they were an influence so thats impressive to get it to sound like a band ur aiming for! nice job!
ive scrapped this song its still not the sound i want to get so im restarting again, im have an uber block atm and i cant write anything that i want to finish or think is decent enough for recording