Hey all, I have the chance of getting an 80's Red Knob(!)Fender Champ 12 valve amp at a bargain price but I'm not sure wether it will be worth it, as HC gves pretty mixed reviews about it and I won't be able to try it first. Dos anyone have any experience with this amp? I've heard that the drive channel on one hand is great and like a Mesa Boogie, and others say i'ts awful. How is the clean channel on it? Is it a classic Fender sound? I'd love to own a "vintage" Fender amp, but I don't want lemon. bidding ends tonight so any help s greatly appreciated.
I've got one just like that. The cleans are nice, but I don't really use it. With my EMGs. the drive channel get close to a metal tone, but not quite there. I does work well for 70s rock. I'd say its a damn good amp, but I am looking to upgrade to a more metal style amp.

I've got a friend with a Fender DeVille combo that plays in a blusey/jam band who really likes it, and would have bought this from me if he wasn't broke.

I dunno about the comparisons to a Mesa Boogie, I've only messed with a Single Rec for more than 5 minutes but I don't think it is comparable.