I have seen websites that analyze aspects of guitarist's styles in great detail. I should say have seen them for Slash. He is my #1 favorite guitarist but he is not the only guitarist that has influenced me. I have studied other guitarists intently incorporating their sounds creating my own style (I hope) I would really like to find a website that has some deeper insight on some guys like David Gilmour, Jeff Beck, & Eric Clapton. Anybody know of any?
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Thats a kick ass site but I was thinking more about his musical style

Well I mean, you can learn his techniques from listening to the albums, watching DVDs and learning the songs. There's really no better way to learn how people do things than to actually watch or hear them do it.

It's all precision and phrasing with Gilmour. He knows his fretboard up and down (as evidenced by his great scat singing/guitar solos in Wish You Were Here, and live versions of Any Colour You Like and Green is the Colour), and has technical cleanliness that Danny Tanner would applaud. All that can really be said is watch the way he does it, work on your ear and your ability to take that ear and use it to help you pick the right note. Most importantly, work on perfecting slower things rather than working for speed. He certainly embodies the BB King mentality- "notes are expensive... use them wisely". Floyd isn't about drowning anyone with technical proficiency, just playing what's perfect. That's not just Gilmour- you can hear it from Rick, Nick and Roger too.
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Well put. Its nice to have a somewhat mature forum to discuss these things. Most forums tend to end up hen-pecking each other with the ludicrous notion that they're favorite is end all beat all of players. I strive for speed as I am primarily a heavy metal player but for mellow moods nothing beats the the Floyd (in my own opinion of course). I used to play a lot of Floyd as began learning pentatonics and I am only recently rekindling that interest. He seems to be primarily pentatonic oriented but I don't think he is a box player (I am) Therein lies the challenge