While I browse the internet for some, can someone tell me if they know of some good headphones for $50 or under (or higher, if they are worth it).

Preferably not the ones where you have to jam them in your ears and line them straight up with your ear drums to be able to hear them. Such as:

SKULLCRUSHER'S FTW!!! they are teh metalzzz. no not really but they sound super good and i think they cost about 60-ish.
In b4 the Skullcandy haters

I reccommend a pair of Sony behind-the-head join headphones, I think I caw then for £20 ($40), and I heard they were brilliant quality.

If not look into a cheap set of Sennheiser, Koss or Bose phones. Or go for some Skullcandy Hesh's if you want to have some stylish ones and don't mind hot having absolute perfection. My Heshs have brilliant sound, but I guess they don't compare to some £150 Sennheisers.
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