So in my shop at school I found this piece of maple that is really pretty. It's pretty dark and obviously quite old. it is 1.5" x 2.5" x 40" Do you guys think it would make a suitable neck for a guitar?
it's pretty smooth. How can you tell it is quarter sawn? I'll have a picture tomorrow. It's super smooth. It seems as if it is a flame almost? If it isn't quarter sawn would it suck?
I think you can tell by looking at the end grain - with quarter sawn it should be a little straighter than normal, I think. If it isn't quarter sawn, what you could do, if you're worried about it, is cut it into strips and laminate it.
yes, like i said in your other post, do this :

that is 2 1/4 sawn boards, that neck will last a lifetime. looking for how close the growth rings are together is another thing that will decide its strength/tonal qualities.