I want to buy a new effct pedal, and i have €200. I am playing with a squier stratocaster and wil soon buy the peavey classic 30. I am playing rock/britpop like Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party, Kings of Leon, The Strokes,.... I thought i could buy the Ibanez Tubescreamer 808....

Does anyone have better ideas or know the tubescreamer?

I'm gonna throw a pedal at you that is hardly known and IMO way underrated. It's the Nady TD-1 and it goes for $128USD. Here's a list of the distortion pedals I currently own and it's my favorite.

Nady TD-1
Jeckyl & Hyde
Russian Big Muff
Double Muff
MXR Distortion+
It's very quiet. Has three gain ranges and loads of EQ. It uses it's own 18V power supply. I don't have any sound clips online. I also have a Hafler T3 rack mount preamp. It does everything the TD-1 does but I didn't think it was worth mentioning when talking about pedals. I didn't really appreciate the TD-1 until I started comparing it against all the other pedals I've acquired.
well alex turner of the artic monkeys uses a TS808 Tubescreamer and used 2 use 2 ProCo Rat2's on the artic monkeys first album.