Can anyone tell me what the Vox Valtronix AD50VT is like for my style of music. I like punk rock, emo, pop rock kinda music. Bands like Green Day, Jimmy Eat World, Elliot Minor, etc.

Thanks to anyone who replies
it should sound fine i could get those kinda tones w/ AD30VT. but something that'd be better would be a tube amp w/ an OD pedal.

they're really crunchy and overdriven sounds, so i would really look into getting a FULL tube amp

you'd prolly be more satisfied in the end. unless you just want a lotta variety and effects.
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It would eb able to achieve those tones, i play mostly blues and classic rock and its great for them. I also play a mix of everthing else and i can honestly say, if i cant find the perfect tone for a specific song, i can get at least 95% of it.
I dont like them. seriously, try before you buy. Otherwise its a waste of money.
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ok thanks
got any suggestions of what other amps might be good for me?
my budget is only like £250 ($500) ish.
i own it and it sounds great to me... altough i enhance it with VOX V412BN guitar cabinet ...but...try before you buy!!!!
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