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just wondering what people are thinking bout the festivals this summer. im thinking graspop is the only decent one, or rock am ring. havnt booked yet tho. opinions????
Rock am ring is a bit far.... there plenty on decent ones in the uk

Im off to oxygen this year, hopefully Ill get to benacassin or pink pop next year..
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going to Pinkpop (may 30 till june 1st), seeing Metallica, Foo Fighters and Rage Against The Machine as headliners..

It's the first weekend after my final exams so Im sure it will be awesome! Can't wait!
I wanted to go to Pinkpop, but it is slap bang in the middle of my exams, so i can't

But im going Reading Festival, so alls good

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Reading Festival Hell Yeah.
No alternative!

But I will be seeing Jack Johnson start of July in Hyde Park
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green man fest in wales- really beautiful, fun fest. lots of cider

possibly latitude too-that line up looks incredible
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I'm going to Leeds again this year...I was thinking of going to Glastonbury this year..but the line up is shocking for Glastonbury...
im going to bloodstock
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Download festival at Donnington used to be the best festival of the year cuz they would have epic headliners. But since 2006 its got worse and worse each year, and this years lineup blows. I guess its just got bloated like everything else thats successful does
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I'm going to Leeds again this year...I was thinking of going to Glastonbury this year..but the line up is shocking for Glastonbury...

i quite like a lot of the glasto bands but its just too big
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I was thinking of going to Distort fest in vancouver but then I realized that I have a camping trip planned for that weekend.
i wanted to go to heineken open'er (poland) but probably wont have time, quite nice line up, raconteurs, sex pistols, etc
Oxegen and Benicassim this year. Really looking forward to this summer.
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Ruisrock 08 in Turku, Finland!
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Went last year, was the best weekend of my life. Can't wait for this year's festival .
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Man that's badass.

*is going to Reading*

What the hell are you talking about?
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Am going to Glastonbury again this year, the line up isn't great at first glance, but there's loads of other stuff to do and the best bands there are usually the ones on tiny stages, that I've never heared of
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I want to go to Fest in Gainesville, that's in October. I just went to New Brunswick Three Day Weekend fest, it was a blast. Yeah, there are a lot of cool underground festivals going on.
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I went to the GIAN festival this weekend, was pretty awesome. Just, pretty awesome.
The festival I usually go to got cancelled last week, so now, none. Fun.
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I'm the only one who likes Lollapalooza??? The line up is ****ing insane this year.
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Metal camp in Slovenia
3 days,£65 and a return flight for £50

I think you should go, even though I'm not
just came back from pinkpop!
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Leeds Festival

RATM, Metallica, Biffy, A7X, Slipknot, Tenacious D, QOTSA

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well, green day was at woodstock. so they are classic rock! i told you!
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Reading (and Leeds) have a decent lineup. Particularly the Saturday and Sunday at Reading.

I shall be in attendance on the Sunday - Metallica, Tenacious D, Feeder, Dropkick Murphys (!!!) and A7X could be decent aswell.
I shall also be at reading!

Especailly looking forward to:

Rage Against The Machine // Queens Of The Stoneage // Metallica // Tenacious D // Bullet For My Valentine


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Not sure if it's a festival, but Hyde Park's Hard Rock Calling.

Eric Clapton, John Mayer, Cheryl Crowe and others.
Looking forward to the first two on that list
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