I figure we could all chip in and give word on sites with little to no integrity. Feel free to include any information such as emails, phone calls, etc to back up your claims.

http://www.mymusia.com - Site kept changing on me everytime I would click on something. Poorly translated english, and confirmed replicas.

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admin 05-13 12:17:17
admin 05-13 12:17:26
can i help you  ?
You 05-13 12:17:40
Hey, quick question: Why are your Gibson guitars from China?
admin 05-13 12:18:18
admin 05-13 12:18:18
top Replication
You 05-13 12:19:01
You are aware that it is illegal to place a Gibson name and logo on a replica without their consent?
admin 05-13 12:19:13
admin 05-13 12:19:19
You 05-13 12:19:29
And is that what you are doing?
admin 05-13 12:20:50
sell guitar
You 05-13 12:22:29
I notice your 'Conditions' page is blank?  Could you provide me with your full company name, address, and phone number so I may contact Gibson to verify im buying a legal Gibson replica?
You 05-13 12:25:11
admin 05-13 12:25:24
You 05-13 12:25:39
May you answer my question, please?
admin 05-13 12:27:26
you can gave me photo
admin 05-13 12:27:35
i can make any one
You 05-13 12:28:06
No, I want your contact info, please.  I wish to contact Gibson and verify these are legal replicas.
admin 05-13 12:28:22
ok thanks
admin 05-13 12:28:27
bye ...
You 05-13 12:28:33
Will you provide me with this, please?

Your turn.
Why are we so wicked indecisive
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haha... i'm pretty much on the floor laughing right now

"Sell guitar!"

"You can gave me photo, i can make any one"
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man did you look at their ibanez replicas? god i thought i was gonna through up. their terrible looking

and so are their mock up sg's they look nothing like an sg
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