Does anyone have any idea where I can get a longer screw for my floyd rose tremolo? It sucks having to undo my locks to switch from standard tuning to drop D. The existing screws can barely make the change, but as the strings go out of tune, I have to go through the process of unlocking and retuning, then fine tuning again.

King, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately,
unless someone else has done this before and can enlighten me,, I don't think the DTuna is compatible with my POS bridge. It's a TRS trem on an old Ibanez RG270. The strings run through the back of the bridge, where the DTuna apparently needs to mount.

That's why I'm simply looking for a longer fine tuner screw.

Bring a fine tuner to your local hardware or auto parts store and compare it to threaded rods. Find the match, and 4 matching nuts for it. Before you cut it to size screw 2 of the nuts onto it. After you cut it unscrew each nut off each side and toss them away [this will smooth out the ruff treads you just cut] Put the other two nuts at the top tighten them together as your adjusting knob and your done. Its ugly, but you can make it any length you want.