so i got a midi controller (yay me) and plugged it in (win vista) and it automatically updated the drivers. i went into acid 6.0 and its being.... crazy to say the least. i'll load up a vst and hit a key and the effect will echo 4-6 times also, i'll get hiss/static after the sample is done playing.

just a note, i checked and no there are no echo/delay effects turned on that might be causing it and none of the vst's hiss in fruity loops.

i thought this was kinda weird so i tried it in fruity loops studio 7 and it sounds and works superbly so i know its not the keyboard, it has to be something in acid.

any suggestions anyone? anybody else have this problem or something like this? any help is greatly appreciated.

btw i'm sure you'll mostly all say "well just do everything in fruity loops if it works good there" and my response is

i will if i have no other choice, but my music is going to be given to a friend who will be doing the mixing and i would prefer to have everything in 1 spot (acid). i'm using DFH/ezdrummer and don't want him to have to open up fruity loops and master down the bass drum and import it into acid just to see if bass drum A sounds better than bass drum B or C or D (and then repeat this with every other piece of drum equipment in DFH, this will take a LOT longer than should be required)
im having the same problem, and i cant figure out what the hell i am doing wrong so if any one helps you will u plz let me know. thanks