Hi i've just bought a Cry Baby pedal and i play it through a small Marshall 10 watt practice amp. When i have distortion on the volume levels are fine between the wah wah on and the wah wah off. The problem is when i turn the distortion off and have it clean the volume is fine with the wah off but when i have the wah on the volume is really really quiet. Its so bad i cannot even compensate with the volume knob on the guitar itself, i need to go to the amp. Obviously when i switch back to the wah off then the volume is incredibly loud. Can anyone tell me if i'm missing something. I just want to get a balanced volume between the wash off and on...
It's cos you're using a Crybaby and an MG.
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It's cos you're using a Crybaby and an MG.

Try putting a new battery in the wah?

That' s really all I can think of.
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