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I've just been diagnosed with a complex lung cancer which is spreading to my spleen and stomach. I'd been stupidly forgetting to go to the hospital for some time now and as such I've been given 3 weeks to live. After being given the breakdown on the treatments available, and how none of them will extend my life beyond a month but with a considerable amount pain and unpleasantness in the process, I've decided not to be treated other than recieving a persciption of high-power painkillers.

I don't know how much anyone will care, but I'll obviously be spending no more time on UG and focusing on the important things in life.

Never forget what really matters in life, friends and family. I know that sounds cliche'd but it's the truth. Find a girl that you love and spend the rest of your life with her, because love is the most beautiful thing if you'll let it blossom.

I've made some friends on this forum, Fishyesque, Jackal58, Demon Wolf, and all of 'The ONLY Gaming thread' , are a few I'd like to mention but there are so many fantastic individuals on this forum. It has been my pleasure to be part of this forum.

Thanks and goodbye I guess,

Nick Grundy.

EDIT: This is the basic updates

The problem with everyone having my avatar is noone can tell when it's really me

I know I've already said this but the response here will never cease to amaze me. Jackal, thanks. Really thanks that was beautiful, it has moved me to tears as I write this.

Thanks everyone, I'll keep you all updated but it may be a bit patchy as I'm going to do a bit of globetrotting while I can. Off to Rome with my family tonight to see the beauty of the ancient city.

This is not Nick, it's his wife. He told me that I should just let you people know what's going on.

Nicks health has gone downhill much faster than was expected, to the point where he was admitted to a hospital ward this morning. He is on a respirator and antibiotics, to help his spleen deal with bacterial infection.

Although he is getting good care, I do not expect him to make it through the night. All I can do is pray.



I'm sorry this update is a bit late but I've just been sitting my Nicks side, holding his hand and giving him the willpower not to give up. He's still with us, which in itself is a miracle, but has seen little improvement. He spends alot of the time unconcious, due to the pain-drugs, and he wakes up, scared. He finds it hard to remember where he is until I calm him down and take his hand. He talks alot too, when he can catch his breath, about all those things that we've done, all those things we'd dreamed of doing and all those things that make so much more sense now.

It's been a beautiful few days, and I only hope I can have many more with this man, the man of my dreams.


'm glad I can tell you that Nick has taken a turn for the better. His lung growth has basically cut off it's own blood supply and has died, his breathing is back to normal and he doesn't need a respirator anymore. They'll have to operate to remove the growth but it looks like, for the first time, Nick may get through this.


Holy hell this thread got pretty big. And I come back and it's still on the front page. That's beautiful in itself.

I've got a laptop in my room now so I'm basically back. I still have about the mass of Cuba of drugs in my system so please excuse me if I appear to be acting odd.

So, words I never thought I'd say. Hello again UG.

Hi all,

Sorry I haven't updated recently but I haven't had much oppurtunity to be honest. The surgery went pretty well, the tumour was removed and there were no visable signs of regrowth. They did however knick the spleen and not notice it. So after being brought out and told the operation was a success I was in a tremenduos amount of pain, the doctors, the clever people they are realised I must be bleeding internally and the spleen was a very likely candidate for where. So I was rushed back in and had an emergency splenectomy. Thanks to the superbly competent doctors the operation was a complete success and I am now theoretically cancerless and definitely spleen-less. I've been under alot of morphine for the last two days, and spent most of it unconcious, but the pain is dying down now to a general uncomfortableness. I should be able to go home on the 30th if there is no other complications. Looking forward to it

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Dude, that sucks. I really don't know what to say.



Wait... what? That can't happen.

Enjoy the next month to the fullest, buddy.
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wow. I wouldn't know what to do with myself, sorry to hear the bad news
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Please tell me you're only kidding. PLEASE!?!?

I hope your last month is fulfilling, and good luck in the afterlife.

EDIT: Oh, and goodbye Grundy, you will truly be missed, there are too few respectable users on this site.
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I am so sorry to hear that dude... I dont even know you but thats a terrible thing to hear. I wish you the greatest of luck in the afterlife (if you believe in one).

Deepest condolences.
OMG are you serious? from the looks of the letter you are. Man I'm sorry for you, you probably wont read this but i thought i should give you my support in watever you do. And you have an epic avatar/ location. You seem to be taking it well.

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Wow I'm at loss for words right now..
I dont quite know what to say but I hope your last days will be good UG will support you
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dude seriously? thats terrible. i hope for the best for your family.

EDIT: on a side note, this reminds me of Breaking Bad.
Hell no, Grundy man please say your joking? This is unbelievable..I don't know what to say, but I will pray for you also. I've said it before, but I respect you so much man.
:| i really dunno what to say mate. live this bit like you never have, and have a fcking blast


EDIT: you can come round any time to watch road to perdition on DVD

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Rest in peace, Live in happiness, Bathe in 10\/3.

May you spend your time left with us in happiness.
I’m sorry to hear about this man...

Very sad
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I don't feel there's much i can say that will mean anything to you so I'll keep it nice and short.

Make the best of what time you have man.
this is horrible, im so sorry...there aren't really any words i can say or any of us can say i imagine.
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For realz?

Not to be an asshole... But this is just the kind of stunt a UGer like you would pull

Shut up.

I'm sorry man.

Do the most you can in the next month. I hope you've learnt and seen everything you could in life.

I'll see you up there.
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Damn man, condolences to your family. Enjoy the rest of your life as much as possible.

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I can't believe this.

Have fun mate.
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What?! Ah man... I'm really at a loss for words. I never conversed with you a whole lot, but you were always in the Gaming thread. I'm soo sorry dude.
I can't believe this... I never thought it could happen to anyone on here. You've always seems nice and respectful. I just don't know what to say.

Enjoy yourself, good luck, I hope everything's ok.
I'm really sorry to hear that man I don't really know what to say except to do everything you want to do, enjoy life to it's fullest, and that I wish the best for you, your family and your friends. Take care man
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im sorrry to hear that man...
best of wishes to you and your family...
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