I'd like to start recording some things I wrote/improvised and mix them into songs eventually but I have no idea what I need for that. Right now the only thing I have to record is a loops pedal by boss (see signature for details), which I mainly use to record some chord progressions and then just improvise over it or try out some things I wrote. Is there a way I can transfer what I recorded with the pedal onto the computer without any loss in quality? How else do you record? I have an old laptop so I can't really get a new soundcard or whatever if that is needed. Also, what software would you guys suggest for mixing tracks and parts of songs together (in an acceptable price range)?

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you need to hang out or post your question over in 'Riffs and Recordings'

there is a ton of info on this site so use the search box too.

oh, and you may need to move to a quality mike instead of pedal to laptop which is the way i do it. audacity.net is free and a good way to learn some basics and i think you can multi-track with it.

good luck

Yeah go to the Recording Place. I'm using Cubase and I got a couple mikes, Shure 57 Shure 58 BETA and Rhoad studio mike. When you first start the programs are pretty huge but you just have to mess around and you should be able to use most things. Your gonna have to make a choice of whether you want to record usb or through a fifebox. I use a firebox because usb has a bit of Delay. I'm using a Presonus firebox. You also might want to buy a mixer.
Check the stickies in this forum, they have a good breakdown of what's needed. Then you can check back here for recommendations on specific products, or to ask any questions you might have.
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