I made this thread in the wrong section so I deleted it and here it is again.

Okay, I have a Gibson Les Paul Studio and am looking for an amp. I play mostly metal, but not just. Influences on tone include Lamb Of God, Tool and Dethklok. I'm looking for a tube amp. My budget is about 400-500$.

So yeah, what do you guys suggest?
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+1 to the Randall

also my Valveking 112 was $409 so that would give you some money to upgrade it...it might be able to do those bands...but not sure actually.

Used is a good option too if you can find something locally or craigslist.com

I'm gonna band wagon and throw in the b52 at. Little above 500 though. Might be able to get a used 5150.
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I actually tried out a B-52 AT-112 and liked it. I don't know why people give it bad reviews. Also where do people sell 5150 combo amps? I can't find them on the GC site.
B-52 AT. I love that ****ing amp. And IMO Ravens are awful. They have ****ty ass distortion :P a

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is there a 50w version that comes with a roadie??
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