well i hate to ask the pit cos they will tell me either dickslap or spiderman her but

there is this girl i like, we get on well talk on msn all the time and occasionally se her around school but im not that cnfident with girls so i dont know how i should go about telling her i like her and/or asking her out, so please pit monkeys help a fellow guitarist and pit dweller out would you?

cheers ,jimbleton

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^ i did something good!!

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^ to something i said!

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will you go out with me .
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Relationship thread...

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sounds so... familiar... n... n... Z0MGZ ITS WAT I WENT THROUGH!! (well i got rejected in the end so...)

anyways... try gettin closer to her.. talk to her in skewl.. n outside skewl.. not just msn. n ask her if she wants to go to the cinema or crap like that.. then once u both know each other n ur confident.. pop the question.
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