I have an Epiphone G-310 running to my alesis multi-mix 8usb to my laptop and the recording of a clean guitar is fine but i dont know how to record a distorted guitar. I have a cheap behringer pedal (overdrive/distortion) that sounds like crap when i run it to the mixer and onto my computer. is there a special pedal i should use or something?
Do you have an amp? Plug your guitar into it as you normally would and then taken another cable from the line out on the amp, assuming it has one, to the line in on your mixer.
The Behringer is what you will have to use, otherwise, you can use some sort of progrom that lets you use VST plugins or something like that, to create distortion. Doesn't sound very well though... Try to look at FruityLoops or Cubase (paying), or Reaper (free)
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Normally with USBmixers you should get the sound you like though your amp and then run an output from yoru amp or even mic your amp and run that to the mixer.

If you use cheap audio gear, you will get cheap sounding recordings....

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