Hey guys, I finally made the jump to video. Im not sure how well it turned out, but heres my first ever entry onto youtube! Its called Adrenaline, and its a really fun song to play and I really enjoy it. Expect a few more vids from me soon!

Oh and c4c as always!
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you sound really strained throughout, relax when you sing. Sing from your stomach as well!
like the song though. Nice ending
Im not sure if I am strained, I think it is something I did with the recording. I boosted it a ton so it would be at a reasonable volume because something weird happened. Im not sure, but I will re-record it so I can fix it.
It's good man... I like Adrenaline better than The Inside (I listened to both)... you use a little more vocal dynamic in this one. Also the hook is cool. You're a good guitar player- clearly when you build up as much confidence in your voice as you have with your guitar playing, you'll be unstoppable.
Crit mine, live performance:
I love the compliment man! God those make me feel so good. I just added a retake of it, without all the excess sound, because I boosted it too much. Your more than welcome to check it out. Ill crit yours now