I made another post about this, but in the wrong forum by accident.

Most people thought it was tl;dr, so long story short...

This guy offered me a Crate GT412SL for $150 and I figured it was a steal, so now I need to make use of it. It's slanted so I can't stack my 2x12 on top of it to spread it's sound, because I don't want to actually plug the 4x12 in. The ohm ratings don't add up so I can't do it anyways.

Should I sell the Seventy 80s and buy V30s, and then swap them into the cab, or sell the entire cab (or maybe sell the speakers and cab seperately, I may get more... I don't know) and get an Avatar 4x12, or what?

I already have an Avatar 2x12 with V30s. If I can't figure anything out, I'll probably just sell it and make a stand, because I can never hear the treble from that thing all the way down on the floor.

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